Got a question about a Camel & Jeans event? Find your answer in some of our frequently asked questions...

What is a supper club?

Traditionally, a supper club would be a small gathering held in a host’s own home. They would cook for a small group of people, perhaps eating with, talking about the food and mingling with the guests. The purpose might be to introduce guests to a particular cuisine or style, and can be a great way for like-minded foodies to meet and share their love of food in a relaxed setting. 

These days though, the definition of a supper club has somewhat expanded! Sometimes they are much larger gatherings and often no longer in private homes, but the principle remains the same of sharing food in an informal setting. Funnily enough, none of us have houses big enough to host (London prices eh), so it’s handy that we are able to use the beautiful Foxglove pub as our venue, where we’ll still be able to offer that immersive dining experience, but with the added bonus of a fully stocked bar and larger kitchen!

Do you do private events?

We sure can do! Drop us an email to camelandjeans@gmail.com with what you have in mind, and we'll go from there!

How many seats are there?

We are selling 12 seats per supper club. We want to keep the experience as intimate as possible, so we can spend time with you and tell you all about the food, its story and where it came from. We might have a few theatrical tricks up our sleeves too, so keeping it small means we can really provide all guests the best and most memorable experience. If we’ve already sold out for that month’s event, join the waiting list and we’ll notify you if a spot becomes available. 

Can I come on my own?

Yes! Absolutely. A supper club is an informal, friendly event. Guests will be seated on two large tables and encouraged to interact with each other, us and the food, so anyone coming alone is guaranteed to meet some like-minded foodie friends.

What is a tasting menu?

10 courses - sounds like a lot of food! Don’t worry, we’re not serving you 10 mains - instead it’s a collection of smaller portions, designed to showcase many different ingredients, techniques and take your taste buds on a journey through the theme we’ve focussed on that month.

Do you cater to my dietary or allergen requirements?

Unfortunately due to the pre-determined nature of the dishes on the tasting menu, currently we are unable to cater for any dietary or allergen requirements. 

All allergen information will be available for each course, both on printed menus and on the website; we’d kindly ask guests to familiarise themselves with this information in advance of the event, in order to make an informed decision.

Due to the nature of the kitchen and how food is prepared, whilst caution will be taken to avoid cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee that any course will be free from allergens, so would advise that the menu is not suitable for those suffering from allergies. 

We are hoping to be able to accommodate dietary requirements in the future!

Where do you buy your ingredients from?

Our meat and fish is sourced locally where possible, and we will endeavour to highlight any local businesses on the menu where we can, so you can support them too! All of our fruit and veg comes from a quality wholesaler and is delivered fresh on the morning of the event.

Are you professional chefs?

Nope, in fact we’d rather not be called chefs at all, as we're not professionally trained. We’re cooks, home cooks, who love sharing our food with others. Mark has recently completed the Cordon Bleu French Culinary Essentials course though.

What about food safety qualifications?

Yes, we’ve all done Food Safety Level 2. Plus our kitchen is professionally fitted out and food safety compliant.

Why a Monday?

Everyone’s free on a Monday right? But also a couple of actual reasons, the first being we can have access to our kitchen on a Monday.

Secondly, as we all still work full time, it gives us the weekend to do some prep in advance of the event on Monday.

However, not all our Supper Clubs will be on a Monday. Keep an eye out for other events!

Are drinks included?

At the minute no, however we have put together a ‘menu’ of drinks suggestions, so whether you want to match each course to a different tipple, maybe have a couple of different wines throughout, or just stick to one drink all the way through, you have some guidance as to what goes well with our food.

Some months, The Foxglove will also be offering a special cocktail to purchase, which will tie in with our theme. 

In time we’d love to offer paired wines, but just not yet.

What is your refund policy?

Tickets are non-refundable, however if you are unable to attend, having bought a ticket, let us know. We do operate a waiting list, so If we are able to fill your spot, we can accommodate on a case by case basis.

How often are you hosting the supper clubs?

We’re hosting once a month, either the very beginning or the very end, depending on how the dates fall!

We’ll release upcoming dates in advance  - sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know!

Where are you based and what’s the nearest tube?

We are based in The Foxglove pub in Islington. The nearest tubes are Highbury & Islington or Angel. See map here

What does “experimental” mean?

It means nothing is off the cards! We want to offer a dining experience like no other, whether that be through the ingredients we use, how we cook them, how we pair them, or how the dish is presented. Operating on such a small scale means we can try things or use techniques which might be fiddly, time-consuming or difficult to scale up, which you’d therefore be unlikely to see in a commercial setting. Experimental still must be delicious though, so thankfully we’ve done the legwork of tasting and critiquing each other’s completely weird and wacky creations, before the best bits make it to the tasting menu. 

Why are you called Camel & Jeans?

Simple, when Mark and Hannah met, they were both wearing camel coats! Of course they met Farokh at the same time… and in his everyday head to toe denim uniform, he represents the jeans.

What’s the first rule of supper club?

The first rule of supper club is: You don’t talk about Gordon Ramsay. That’s also the second rule (no, Hannah isn’t related) and the third rule of supper club is: No spinach above the face.

Is this linked to MasterChef at all?

Nope. We met on MasterChef series 18, but our friendship continued off-screen and Camel & Jeans is a totally separate entity, not endorsed by or linked to MasterChef in any way.