About Us


Hannah Ramsay

Hannah’s style of cooking is inspired by the foods she grew up eating. She likes to reimagine traditional dishes, adding unexpected flavours, ingredients or techniques. Not defined by one particular cuisine, Hannah takes inspiration from all over the globe, whether she’s been there, read about it, or there’s a Grand Prix race there - Azerbaijan, looking at you!

Obsessed by ingredients, Hannah has been known to plan holidays around the assurance of a good market, an excellent foreign supermarket, and of course all the brilliant local restaurants. It’s after she’s home that the fun starts, recreating dishes and trying to source ingredients, ready to weave into everyday cooking. She loves nothing more than covering the table with a feast for friends and family, so can’t wait to extend this into a supper club setting. 


Farokh Soltani

Farokh takes his culinary inspiration from his usual preoccupations: art, stories, and theatre. He likes to think of dishes as more than just something for the tastebuds; they are also something to experience, to perform, to feel, and to think about. To achieve this, he draws from a variety of modern techniques, playful flavour pairings, and general gastronomic weirdness - he has been known to hair-dry white chocolate off of Camembert from time to time, for example.

Creating new dishes and flavour is probably Farokh’s all-time favourite thing to do. Over the years, he has done some strange things to food in the hope of finding new angles on familiar ingredients. From pressure cooking honey (don’t try this at home) to fermenting blueberries in beer (this one you can try at home) and from dehydrating ice cream (it works!) to baking a chicken Victoria Sponge (don’t ask), he is always looking for the boundaries of good flavour. He will make sure not to cross it when we’re hosting you!